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Accounts are collections of characters associated with a single set of login credentials. Accounts serve as a medium of player-identification; therefore, account creation is necessary and automatic process for Izanagi Online

Creating an account[edit | edit source]

iOS[edit | edit source]

After installing and opening the Izanagi Online app on an Apple device, an account is automatically generated and linked to your Apple ID. There is no need to login by inputting usernames or passwords as the account is bound to your device. Technically, there is no easy possibility to switch between accounts within one device. If two devices are available, account transfers are available; see below details.

Android[edit | edit source]

After installing and opening the Izanagi Online app on an Android device, the user will be prompted to link a Google account from the device to the game. If multiple Google accounts are registered on the same device, the user will have the option to pick one. The selected Google account will serve as the identification for any created characters. The advantage Android users have over iOS users is the easy ability to switch between accounts on the same device. Methods such as clearing App Data/Cache will force the Izanagi Online app to request link with a Google account; users can select a secondary Google account and begin playing as if on a new account.

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

Many characteristics are associated with an account and shared by all characters on an account.

Items[edit | edit source]

All items placed in storage through a storage NPC can be accessed by all characters within the same account. The same can be said about the Platinum Box and stall balloons. Items sent to the Platinum Box, either through lottery or login rewards, can be retrieved by any character within the same account. Characters from the same account also share the same stall storage space; meaning, two characters on the same account CANNOT open two different stalls. In short: storage, platinum box, and stalls are all shared characteristics of an account.

Account-Bound Items[edit | edit source]

Items bound to an account will be labeled 'No Trade.' These items can neither be passed on to other players via the Trade system nor sold using Stall Balloons. Common accout-bound items include all Avatars except for the specially marked hats and weapons, all Lvl and Class free Lottery rewards, and any other specially marked items.

Production[edit | edit source]

Production studios, hosted by the ever so resourceful Estel, are also one of the shared characteristics attributed to accounts. While characters may differ in their expertise in production and the number of recipes they may have learned, they all must share a common production studio. If one character has only one production studio and it is in use, the other characters on the account must either Suspend the production or wait until it is over to begin a new production. Another option would be, of course, to purchase another production studio for 50 gems.

Initial resources[edit | edit source]

New accounts receive the following:

  • 2 Character slots (initially empty) — additional character slots can be purchased from the Gem Store for 50 gems.
  • Inventory Space
    • 36 Backpack Slots — Backpack space can be expanded by 12 slots temporarily, time that can be expanded with additional expansion purchases at 3 gems for every week.
    • 24 Post Slots — Storage space can be expanded permenantly by 12 slots per 10 gems (purchasable from where you access your storage).
    • 24 Avatar Slots
  • 1 Production Studio — Additional Production Studios can be purchased for 50 gems each (at Estel) and can have up to a maximum of 3 studios.
  • Newly-made characters start with level 1 equipment (Upper armor, Lower armor, two weapons) corresponding to their classes by default.

All Character level requirements[edit | edit source]

Some features of the game are restricted to players until a certain level criteria is met. These criteria is applied to every single character; completing them on just one character does NOT exempt all other characters.

  • Trading: Level 10
  • Training: Level 50
  • Second-class promotion: Level 50

Other functions such as Wall Walk, Water Walk, Stall Balloons, and so on are unlocked based on Main Quests progression.

Account Transfers[edit | edit source]

Account transfers are a feature of Izanagi Online that is most useful when players want to switch accounts to newer devices; atleast, that is what it was intended for. While players do utilize this feature for its original purpose, account transfers have also been used for device flexibility with Dual Boxing, Players might prefer playing on Cleric on a larger device than a smaller one or playing Assassin on a smaller device than a large one. Account transfers make it possible!

Before transferring accounts between devices, it is crucial to read the warnings displayed on the transfer page. The important clause to notice is that all gems present on the transferring accounts will be restored back to zero (applicable only to "Other Device" transfers). If that is acceptable to the player, the transferring can begin...

Transferring from iOS to iOS[edit | edit source]

After tapping the "Transfer" button, players will be given the following options: "From Android to Android" and "Other Device." In order to transfer from iOS to iOS, you must first make sure to back up the account data to iTunes on your computer. In the example of iPhone to iPhone, first connect your device to your computer and:

ITunes Backup.jpeg

From there on the new iPhone, check "Restore from iTunes Backup" when you set up the phone to restore data. Connect the new iPhone to your computer, choose "Restore from Backup" from iTunes, and wait for restoration to be complete.

  • Note: backup and restoration method cannot guarantee a successful transfer between two different type of iOS devices (eg. No restoration from iPhone4s backups to iPad).

Tranferring on Android to Android[edit | edit source]

After tapping the "Transfer" button, players will be given the following options: "From Android to Android" and "Other Device." As mentioned earlier, Android to Android transfers are as easy as choosing different Google accounts when starting the app. The only trouble is in prompting the app to ask for you to choose a Gooogle account again. This can be done by simply going to the App Info of Izanagi Online and clearing the Data/Cache. With this simple method, players can easily switch accounts between Android devices.

Transferring Between Two Different Devices[edit | edit source]

The alternate option, "Other Device," is intended for players who want to switch accounts between Android and iOS devices or vise versa. After tapping the "Other Device" button, a list of warnings and transfer guidelines will be displayed. Read then carefully before proceeding. As mentioned previously, all unused gems on the transferring account will be reset back to zero. Tap "Okay" if the conditions are acceptable.

Display Transfer code vs Input Transfer Code

Click "Display Transfer Code" and record the code given. Keep in mind the expiry time the code is valid for as well. Afterwards on the device you wish to transfer your account to, go to Transfer and then click "Input Transfer Code." Make sure you do not have another account already loaded in that device as the new transferred account will overwrite it. Once you input your transfer code, your account will be taken off the first device.