Assassin Builds

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Disclaimer: All listed builds are basic, standard recommendations and are not set in stone. Stats are always free to be altered to cater a player's needs.

AGI Tanker[edit | edit source]

Staying in the front lines, those with this build act as a quasi-war tank replacement when up against bosses that only deal physical attacks.

  • Max AGI > STR

DPS - Kiter[edit | edit source]

As those with this build will not have as much AGI to help dodge against physical attacks, it leaves a player to manually dodge more often. However, coupled with multi-hit skills such as Murder Slice and Iai Thousand Prunus, one can bust out more damage with less the effort.

  • Max STR > AGI
  • Max STR > DEX

Looter[edit | edit source]

Master the power of Steal! The higher one's INT and DEX, the higher the chance to be able to steal drops from monsters without even having to kill a single one—even Field Bosses! The player should max : invisible, Steel, backstab and stop skills. And max them with training (or it wont work as amazingly as it should , don't invest to other skills this is simply to loot from bosses untill you get desired item). And use the snake pet for high surprise rate. Low suprise rate no items

  • Max DEX > INT