BWT - Commercial Area

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BWT - Commercial Area Bwt commercial area.jpg
Access from:
West Plains
Outer Wall District
BWT - Privileged Area
BWT - Military Area
Location Type:
Suggested Level:
Chick Radar:
Also known as the Times Square of Izanagi, BWT is where both pros and noobs alike get together to sell items, trade, talk, argue, troll and scam. This is a social spot with well-defined buildings, nice NPCs (including the dynamite vendor), opportunities to buy and sell armor and weaponry, and two infamous crooks: a blacksmith who scams you and makes you break your weapons and gears, and a really "nice" hip aristocrat who sells you stall balloons—which you'll probably never get to use in BWT since 99.8% of the time there aren't any stall spots. This is BWT: if you can make it here you can make it anywhere!
Monsters: NONE