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Towns and Camps[edit source]

--G-non (talk) 10:07, 24 July 2015 (BST) Oberyn, how do I add a page link? thanks

Oberyn (talk)Hey Sol, adding pages to categories are automated...the coding for the map-template automatically adds to field, towns, etc. depending on which one you choose. It avoids the problem of manually doing everything. So...just add in the various maps and they will automatically show up in the categories. As per your request, I added a "Camp" assuming those are like bandit's camp, blacksmith's village, etc? Anyways, it's there. When adding new maps, just copy and paste the code on Spider Thread Cave and edit as needed. ALSO, I dont think we can do a collapsible table for monsters on map pages. Maybe a normal table? idk. Either way, we will need a separate page for each monster if we want them to be divided into categories. Yeah...i know..i'm sorry :(

--G-non (talk) 06:30, 25 July 2015 (BST) Oberyn, I tried copying and pasting the code when editting Towns, and I just ended up with the embedded template and a new "Towns" link in the category. Then I tried putting in {{BWT - Commercial Area, created that new page with map template, but I can't edit out the page title.

Oberyn (talk) Sol, don't worry about editing the Towns page (Category:Towns); all the information is automatically added to save us the time. We just need to edit the various map pages. Also, if you go to the West Plains page, you can see an exisiting red link to BWT-Commercial Area. Just follow that. And Sol...get Line app! lol. I can respond quicker that way (or through any other medium)

--G-non (talk) 16:01, 25 July 2015 (BST)Okay I'm getting it now, but what if I want to create a new map page. Where should i create the red link page?

Oberyn (talk) Let's say you want to create a new page for Ancient Ruins. Simply search in the search bar Ancient Ruins. It will tell you that a page like that doesnt exist and will ask if you want to make one. Just make one. And then input the map template beginning with {{map and so on. Make sure you spell the name correctly withthe right spaces and such. If you goto Ordo Village page, you will see that there is a red link for Ancient Ruins; the new page you create must match the same name. After you create it, the red link in Ordo Village will change to blue in about 5-10 mins.