Character Stats

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Status[edit | edit source]

Players will be allotted 10 status points at the start of their game time to spread however they want to whichever status of their choosing. As of current update, players can gain a maximum of 168 points to distribute into their builds.

STR: Strength[edit | edit source]

Affects ATK(physical attacks which deals damage).

VIT: Vitality[edit | edit source]

Affect LIFE and DEF(physical defense).

INT: Intelligence[edit | edit source]

Affect MATK(magic attack) and ENERGY.

MND: Mind[edit | edit source]

Affect MDEF(magic defense) and ENERGY

AGI: Agility[edit | edit source]

Affect Dodge Rate and DEF.

DEX: Dexterity[edit | edit source]

Affect Hit Rate and both minimum ATK and MATK.

Skill Points[edit | edit source]

Skill points are used to learn skills and upgrade skill levels. Each skill can be upgraded up to 5 or 10 levels, with benefits of better damage, faster cooldowns, cheaper ep cost (not always true), faster casting times, and also some skills get additional effects at higher levels. Additional levels are also unlocked for those who have completed a Training. For example, blessing skill has 5 levels but 5 additional levels can be unlocked after completing 5 Training to make a total of 10 levels. Furthermore, bless skill adds only 1 blessing but higher level bless adds 2 blessings as an added effect.

Gain Skill Points by Levelling[edit | edit source]

1 skill point is awarded every level. Additional 2 skill points are gained at level 90 (meaning a total of 3 points is gained when levellig from 89 to 90).

2 skill points are still unaccounted for.....more on this to follow.

Skill Costs[edit | edit source]

Generally 1 skill point is consumed to learn or upgrade a skill. But Second Class Skills consumes 3 skill points to learn and 2 skill points to upgrade. Second Class Skills are unlocked after completing the Job Change.