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Crusaders are the unpopular branch of the cleric class. They have no EP heal, have weaker heals when they use hammers instead of staves, and are dismally weaker compared to gunners, mages, shadows, gladiators in terms of damage, and end game armors are better suited for priests than crusaders. This class is neither as reliable as priests for a support class nor as strong as a warrior class. It is somewhere in between and hence they do not appear to be ideal partymates for BR. The only clear advantage crusaders have over priests is that crusaders do well in solo levelling against mobs. Play this class at your own peril as players tend to switch to priest class eventually.

Crusaders Staff vs Hammer[edit | edit source]

The main reason why crusaders should use hammers is because Second Class Skills require an equipped hammer for defense (scapegoat) and offense (grand cross). Crusaders that use staves deal better heals but they cannot use Second Class skills.

Crusader Stats[edit | edit source]

As in other classes, AGI is an important stat in order to avoid most physical attacks. The second stat varies among support types and damager types. Damager types invest in STR which improve hammer attack skill damage. I cannot confirm if Grand Cross damage improves with INT or STR but fully upgrading it to level 5 makes it twice stronger as it does 4 simultaneous hits instead of 2 hits for level 1. Support types invest in INT or VIT or MND which improves, EP Pool, Hitpoints, and pDef / mDef. Full support crusaders have no hammer attack skills and function like priests but with no EP heal and deals weaker heals.

Aside from these stats, Cooldown Time (ctc) gear is advised as it hastens cooldowns for buffs, defensive skills and offensive skills.

Crusader Defense[edit | edit source]

Scapegoat allows the player to become untouchable from physical, magical attacks, poison attacks and still move and cast skills. However, scapegoat has a short duration, requires 4-5 blessing to maximize it's capacity to nullify damage, and about 5 strong attacks can break the skill. Ideally, blessing 5 should be reached when the skill breaks so it can be recast at maximum strength. It is remomended that you should reach training 5 and uprade hermit's blessing to at least lv8 to add 2 bless each times, so that means you can use scapegoat more frequently in fighting. Should scapegoat fail to protect, Reincarnation skill allows the crusader to revive itself within 3-4 minutes after casting. Scapegoat requires and consumes blessings which is why crusaders need to religiously cast hermit's blessing and this requires a reliable EP pool. Scapegoat is only effective if you have sufficient AGI and if the attacking boss only delivers intermittent strong attacks, not attacks with multiple hits. For example, cerberus basic breath attack is enough to break the defense since it hits multiple times in one breath. And without sufficient AGI, a crusader's scapegoat will break from Foreman's multiple hit sword dance, or from single hits from multiple mobs.

Crusader Skill:

1) Grand Cross:

Damge depend on level of Blessing are actived
Damge on a "Cross Area" and "Small Circle around" . So, When you train level, you need to try "lure monsters closer & stay close at monsters" to get effective of skill.

2) Seiton Scapegoat

Skill cosuming a Blessing. High Level of Blessing are actived, High effective
Skill Depend on Level of Blessing Recommed add Skill only Level 3 to save your skill Point

3) Reincarnation:

Reincarnation 04.jpg
Use both Staff and Hammer