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Damage is any effect from an action which results in a target losing Life Points, LP. All classes have the potential to deal damage in sufficient amounts, whether it be by attacking normally or by using their skills. In Izanagi Online, damage can be classified into two categories:

▪ Direct Damage- This is the damage inflicted on targets directly by normal-attacks and skill-based attacks.
▪ Conditional Damage- This is the damage inflicted on targets by certain status effects such as inflammation or poison. Also known as DoT, Damage-over-Time.

Players must balance their skill array to incorporate both forms of damaging to efficiently defeat their foes. While players may initially prefer direct damage over conditional damage, further experience in the battlefield will reveal the importance of both forms. Besides, the most difficult bosses are the ones that have the ability to inflict inflammation, poison, or bleed on players. It is only reasonable that players find ways to master both forms to defeat such bosses.

Direct Damage[edit | edit source]

The magnitude of direct damage done on foes is strongly dependent upon the ATK stat of players: the higher the ATK, the higher the damage range.

Damage Cap[edit | edit source]

32,767...cap increase methods... --

Base Damage Modifiers[edit | edit source]


Critical hits


"Knowledge of" skills

something about beast types...--

ATK/M-ATK increase/ status buffs


FAULT (whatever that is..)


Damage Cut[edit | edit source]

If players level is lower than the level of a boss, damage dealt on boss is decreased...Decreased by 20% to 60% ...

Damage Lower Limit[edit | edit source]

lowest a monster can damage player regardless of defense or vit.

Conditional Damage[edit | edit source]


Bleed[edit | edit source]

Inflammation[edit | edit source]

Poison[edit | edit source]