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Functions of Friend List[edit | edit source]

Along your journey through the Izanagi World, you will encounter many other players with their own goals and interests. For all you know, you may come to befriend a few other players who wouldn't mind partying up or even just chatting with you. The Friend system is the best way to expand your options on who to collaborate and party up with as your friends list can expand to those outside of your Guild. It is also a handy list to just see if a friend you usually chat up with is online or not, or it can act as a contacts list of people you can send private mail to.

Adding Friends[edit | edit source]

To add someone to your Friend List, tap their physical character in the field to open up a menu. Then click Friend Request. In order for the person to be added in your friend list, the other player must confirm your request within an allotted 10 seconds upon sending.

Another way you can send someone a friend request is by tapping the IGN(In game name) of a player within your party access the option to send them a request.

Removing Friends[edit | edit source]

To remove friends, find your intended person's name either in your friends list or tap the person's character on the field. In the same spot in the menu where it used to say [Friend Request], it will instead say [Remove Friend]. Tap [Remove Friend] and they will be deleted off your list as well as your name off their list. They will not recieve a notice that their name has been removed from your list, so the only way they will know is if they were to check their own lists.