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The Fifth Continent: a land with its own share of misery. Corrupt officials who fail to protect the people; bloodthirsty beasts trying to tear your very flesh apart; men and women who lie, cheat, and kill without any remorse. You wonder... who are these monsters? Who are these humans? Even so, this is your home, the land you swore to protect it at all costs.

However, the air has shifted. Something's different now. You feel it.


There has been a rapid increase in monsters, the very bloodthirsty creature that will maul anyone without thinking twice. Neighbourhoods have crumbled at a rapid rate, ambushed from all sides. The lives of everyone, rich and poor alike, are in terrible danger. No one can move about without the persistent fear of death over their shoulders.


The Civilization Charter has been established all across the Fifth Continent, once hidden force has been brought to the light. You and your comrades, those who excel in the art of ninjutsu, have been summoned from the shadows to assist the citizens of the Fifth Continent to survive another day in peace. You are to handle mainstream jobs such as carrying goods, securing high officials, and defeating monsters—for a reasonable price, of course. They may not deserve it, but you are the sword, the shield, and the hope they need so desperately.


You have only heard stories of the Great Four; they are rumored to be the most powerful ninjas in all the land and hence, the leaders of the ninjas. Unfortunately, you are not yet fit to fight along with them in the front lines. You must train and kill, all the while holding on to your mission to serve the people. As you get stronger, you will be commissioned to higher-level regions to assist you fellow comrades.


Ninja, the truth is... Your mission never ends. There will always be a threat, and you are expected to slit its throat. Remember you are a mercenary, not a hero. Tragedies come and go; your duty is to serve everyone and kill of those who threaten the safety of your home.

Your journey begins here.

Welcome to Ordo Village.