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Functions[edit | edit source]

A guild is a group built by allies. It allows players of different backgrounds to work under one umbrella brand, to just be able to chat with more than four people at once, or to overall have a good time with friends. To establish a new guild, you need to talk to Harold in BWT - Commercial Area and will need 50,000g on hand. At Guild Lv1, you are allowed a maximum of 70 players recruited. Every time you level a guild, the maximum capacity increases as well. To build up your guild level, you will need the appropriate amount of gold and guild points donated to the guild in order to unlock the next rank.

Ranks Authorities
Master Guild Invite

Expel Member

Rank Change (changing rank of players)

Upgrade Guild and Hideout

Acquire Guild Skill (currently unavailable)

Edit Notice

Sub Master Guild Invite

Expel Member

Leader Guild Invite
Veteran N/A

Every member in your guild will show up in green text on the map.

Guild Hideout[edit | edit source]

Lv1 Guild Hideout
Lv13 Guild Hideout

Starting at Guild Lv3, Guild Masters may start building a hideout exclusively accessible to guild members only at the cost of 70,000g. However, you can only build up the hideout in accordance to being two levels below the guild (i.e. Guild Lv3 = Hideout Lv1, Guild Lv4 = Hideout Lv2, Guild Lv5 = Hideout Lv3, and so on).

As of Guild Lv3, it will take both Gold and GP donations to continue ranking up your guild level and hideout, costing more and more each time. Work together with your guildmates and some day your Lv1 Hideout may turn into something like a Lv13 bungalow.

Guild Points and Army Corps Missions[edit | edit source]

You will need Guild Points (GP) in order to rank up your guild and hideout past Guild Lv 3.

GP can be earned in three ways:

Guild Board and Army Corps[edit | edit source]

A Guild Board is available both inside your guild hideout and in BWT - Military Area to view your current guild status, how much each member has donated over time, and the progress of the current week's Army Corps Mission.

My Guild[edit | edit source]

  • Guild Info (guild level, amount of members, and hideout level)
  • Guild Funds (current amount of gold and GP within guild)
  • Army Corp Mission (how much AP your guild has accumulated so far during current week)
  • Team Rank (displaying your team colour and rank from both current week and previous week)

Inside Guild[edit | edit source]

Displays rank of each member in order of highest to lowest in three categories:

  • Most Gold donated
  • Most GP donated
  • Most AP donated during current week

Army Mission[edit | edit source]

Displays your team's total AP ranked against the other two teams from both current week and previous week

Activity[edit | edit source]

Shows the type of registration your guild falls under (Official or Unofficial if you register guild after Army Corps round already started) as well as how your reward will get affected by it. It also shows the conditions each individual member needs to contribute in order for them to qualify to claim the GP reward at the end of each registered week.

Team Ranking[edit | edit source]

Each registered guild will be randomly placed in Team Blue, Yellow, or Red. Each guild within each team will be ranked highest to lowest according to most AP donated, but the goal is for the accumulative total of AP from all the guilds within the same colour to be higher than the other colour teams.