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General Interface[edit | edit source]

(1) Player Status[edit | edit source]

This BOX displays all you immediate information:

  • LP: The green bar shows how much HEALTH (Life Points) you have left; once this bar reaches 0, you will die. Dying will result in transport back to nearest town (3% exp penalty if over lvl 10) unless revived by a Cleric before the timer runs out. LP regenerates at a rate proportional to Max LP.
  • EP: The blue bar shows how much ENERGY (Energy Points) you have left. Energy is used for casting various class-specific skills; therefre, once this bar reaches 0, you will not be able to cast any more skills. EP regenerates at a rate proportional to Max EP.
  • EXP: The orange bar shows the amount of experience you have accumulated (in percentage). Once the bar reaches 100% you will level up.
  • MENU: The menu button brings up the Menu Interface.

(2) Mini-Map[edit | edit source]

This BOX displays the mini map. Touch to Expand.

  • Your current position in represented by the golden-arrow; the direction you are facing corresponds to the direction the arrow points
  • Quest-giving NPCs are represented by Question Marks (Red if Main Storyline)
  • Completed Quest NPCs are represented by Exclamation Points (Red if Main Storyline)
  • Other players are represented by White dots; Party members are represented by Blue dots.

(3) Quests[edit | edit source]

This BOX displays the active quest. Although many quests can be accepted from various NPCs, one quest can be labeled an 'active quest' from the Quests menu to be displayed in the general interface.

(4) Skills/Item[edit | edit source]

Active Class skills and Items such as potions can be placed here for quick access. Simply slide the wheel to reveal more slots; currently, 9 slots are available to be filled.

(5) Jump[edit | edit source]

Pressing this button will cause your character to jump. Jumping is extremely useful to get to otherwise-unreachable places. Additionally, the forward+jump+attack combination will allow you to travel farther and faster than a normal forward+jump.

(6) Attack[edit | edit source]

Pressing the 'Attack' button near monsters/mobs will initiate an auto-attack that causes damage. However, near an NPC, this button will change to 'Talk' and will allow players to interact with the NPC.

(7) Class-Specific Special[edit | edit source]

Warrior: Guard (Blocks and reduces damage from frontal physical attacks)

Assassin: Dodge (dodge away from attacks)

Cleric: Barrier (cuts damage by half for all members of the party)

Mage: Charge (recovers EP to full)

(8) ChatBox[edit | edit source]

This is the chatbox, where you can type in what you want to say then press Enter to communicate with other players.
'Say' - chat is seen by nearby players.
'Shout' - chat is seen by all players in the map.
'Party' - chat is seen only by members of your party.
'Guild' - chat is seen only by members of your guild.
'Whisper' - send a private message to the player of your choosing.
You can also customize which chats you want to see by clicking the 'Say, Party, Guild, Whisper, Shout' sections on top of the chat-box.

(9) Toggle Stick[edit | edit source]

The toggle stick allows players to move around the terrain; it functions just as it does in any mobile games.

(10) Quest Arrow/Navigation[edit | edit source]

This golden-arrow (enabled by default) points you in the direction of your current active quest (See #3). Although useful and enabled by default, this feature can easily be turned off from Menu→Options→Quality.