Kasuba Water Plant 3

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Kasuba Water Plant 3
Access from:
Large Wetland
Sewerage 3
Kasuba's Room
Location Type:
Suggested Level:
Chick Radar:
OK so like foggy scary map with super spooky antagonistic music in background on this map, tho remember when sent to kill demon troop mobs here you MUST keep unidentified Chrystal drops (gonna need that to unlock some new maps as you continue your main quest, also if you wanna lvl fast and you've got about 230+ agi with some fair mdef , try farming carnage demon horse troop, gives 15,000exp per kill so for eg. Lure 3 at once use 100% exp up card and you get 90,000exp per kill, also feel free to channel hop when waiting for them to respawn .
NPC's: To Fill
Monsters: Lonely Fake Cat
Show Off Demon Troop
Headache Victim Gargoyle
Immature Demon Horse Troop