Mid-Ninja Test

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If you are Lv45 or above, Irma will have a side quest available that will direct you to NinjaAssociation BWT to talk to Tagame—though you can also just head directly there without talking to Irma. Tagame will then be able to initiate you into how to acquire Second Classes.

Requirements for Second Class[edit | edit source]

Please refer to Second Class page.

Mid-Ninja Test[edit | edit source]

Hide & Seek[edit | edit source]

First you need to meet Gengorou in Ordo Village where he will explain how Hide and Seek will work. He will give you hints on where to find him. However, no quest arrow will appear for the duration of that part of the test.

Old Wood Forest at the end of the cliff area where you first learn how to Wall Walk
Big Limestone Cave behind the train
North Defense Line at the top of pillar-like areas between Undead Tramp and Echo Valley entrances
Mystic Ruined City the bunker near Subway Platform entrance
Large Wetland a high hill top closer toward Kasuba entrance area
North Fortress Path jump off left side of the last bridge to reach a platform down below

Part 2 - Monster Killing[edit | edit source]

First you will be asked to to talk to Hotaru about killing a certain monster (monster varies depending on class) before you are sent over to talk to Outer Wall District for some rounds of Boss Rush. You'll need 8 Ebisu Deity Gems from Boss Rush Lv30 (BR30) and 3 Jurojin Deity Gems from Boss Rush Lv50 (BR50). You have the option to either wish for good drop rates during BR30/50 or you can purchase them from each of the boss rush NPCs.** It is 200k each for Ebisu Gem from the BR30 NPC and 500k each for each Jurojin Gem from the BR50 NPC.

**Note: You also have the option to find them in player stalls for a much cheaper price.

Afterwards you will be asked to meet with an NPC near the boss entrance of Spider Thread Cave where you will gain access to Dynamite Dungeons (keep in mind to complete the quest, you only need to enter the room, not complete the boss run).

Part 3 - Extracting and Crafting[edit | edit source]

First meet ??? (MB) at far end of Blacksmith's Village and he will ask you to gather stuff. You will need:

Perished Smithy
Large Wetland
Blacksmith's Village
For the first craft item you'll be asked to make, it will take 1 min. The second will take 1 min.***

***Note: craft times may vary according to your expertise lvl. Current numbers are based on a craft expertise of 0.

Part 4 - Final Test[edit | edit source]

Hide & Seek II[edit | edit source]

Kasuba Water Plant 3 at the bottom left most corner of the map
Valley of the Wind at the cliff area straight ahead of the grass area beside the waters where King Golem is
Ancient Ruins down at a ditch across the opposite end from entrance to Ruins Escape Route

Monster Killing[edit | edit source]

Kill 20 Ex T90 Land Scouts either in Ancient Ruins or inside Ruins Escape Route

Kill 20 Ex T30 Stealth Attackers in Ancient Ruins

Kill 30 Ex T80 Reptile Attackers in Ruins Escape Route

Gathering and Crafting[edit | edit source]

Depending on your class, you will get a different list of monsters you'll need to hit up in order to get these stone pieces unique to your class that you'll need for the last craft you'll have to do. You will need 20 total before you can continue.

Warrior Arrogant Soldier Skeleton Cave Hinarigaoka
Stalwart Samurai Skeleton North Defense Line
Packed Hummingbird Perished Smithy
Assassin Quiet Demon Human Troop North Defense Line
Assault Demon Human Troop Perished Smithy
Hungry Lizard Large Wetland
Mage Bandwagon Goblin Perished Smithy
Unfit Turtle Large Wetland
Berserk Fake Cat North Fortress Path
Cleric Jitter Manis Cave Hinarigaoka
Modest Ninja Skeleton North Defense Line
Germophobic Slime North Fortress Path
Return to the NPC with all your required materials and he will open a studio similar to Estel's where you will also be given access to your storage. One final craft to get your last item will take around 1minute.

Once your final craft item is complete, you can face your final test: The Last Ordeal.