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After creating a character, players have the option to either play the prologue or not. The Prologue of Izanagi acts as a way to explain the controls and the user interface while also setting a back-story. If you are a new player or a returning player, it is strongly recommended that you play the Prologue. As a bonus, you get to see the amazing Max and Shade in action! As a bonus bonus, you get to play as Max!!

As soon as you confirm your preferred character name, the following message will show:


Tapping "No" will take you directly to Ordo Village and your journey begins from there.
Tapping "Yes," however, will take you to the 19th Tactic Area:


Following the golden quest arrow, will lead you to an NPC named Neil. Talk to him. He will give you a quest, "Take the camp back!" in which you will be required to kill 3 Timid Goblin Cubs.


After completing the quest, return to Neil to complete the current quest and accept another, "Deliver the Meds."


Once again, let the golden quest arrow lead you to Miles, who will give you yet another quest, "There's a Wild one!"


This quest will require that you kill an Unknown Goblin Troll. Simply follow the trusty golden quest arrow to the red portal:
No need to worry too much; enter the portal with confidence! Congratulations, you are about to meet your first boss! The nasty Unknown Goblin Troll:


SPOILER: To fight or not to fight is up to you. Regardless of what you do, the troll will defeat you. Cue Shade! And Max?!?


Now you get to assume the role of Max. This feature was intended to allow the newer players a glimpse of some class-skills in action and a taste of end-game. At this point...just have fun with it! Just make sure you kill the troll eventually.


Congratulations! You just defeated your first boss in Izanagi; but, that was only one of many. You will now be transferred to Ordo Village as the Prologue portion has ended. Your journey begins now...

Extra: Check out the Game Lore to read more about the world of Izanagi and your role in it as a user of ninjitsu.