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Repair[edit | edit source]

Every piece of equipment (except for accessories) has a set amount of durability before the item breaks. When broken, a weapon will no longer have its original amount of attack/magic attack and an armour piece will no longer have its original defense in effect.

To reset an equipment's durability back to full, you have to go to an NPC with a hammer icon above their head and pay to get your equips fixed. Each item needing repair costs 50g to restore.

If you are nowhere in position to be able to get to a repair NPC and need to restore your equips back into full working potential immediately, you can also use a Repair Kit to fix your stuff on the go. Repair NPCs found in towns can also refine and enhance your equipment.

Appraisal[edit | edit source]

Oops, I did it again.

Whenever you open a box from a boss, its equipment contents will all have a question symbol marked on them. To see what rarity your loots are, you must go to a town where any NPC with a magnifying glass icon resides. For every item you want to appraise in your inventory, it costs 100g each. If you're feeling a little impatient and want to know the rarity of the items you got right away, you can also use an Appraisal Kit to appraise every item in your inventory.

Pray you get a good box open because you just might be walking away with a Legendary item!