Second Class

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Requirements for Second Classes[edit | edit source]

  • Be Lv 50 or above
  • Complete 6 Bronze or 4 Silver Medal Achievements
  • Complete Mid-Ninja Test Side Quests

About Medal Achievements[edit | edit source]

How to access Achievement Book

Each time you kill an Instance Boss, it will be recorded in your Achievement Book. Killing a boss a certain number of times will unlock medal achievements that reward you with EXP. For example, it takes 50 kills against Oppressive Goblin Troll to unlock a bronze medal, 100 kills to unlock silver. To unlock a medal, you need to claim the reward.

Boss Map Bronze Silver
Oppressive Goblin Troll Cave of Bewilderness 50 times 100 times
Cross-border Heteropoda Cave of Howling Peak
Big Eater Heteropoda Spider Thread Cave
Raging Minotaur Flash Cave
Eternal Cerberus Cave of Gob Golin 100 times 200 times
Passionate Cerberus Cave Hinarigaoka
Rainy Night Heteropoda Cave of Echo Valley
Daunting Master Rat Subway Platform
Chaos Cerberus Cave of Undead Tramp
Impure Goblin Troll-Bro Tunnel 1
Giant Serpentray Cave of Heavy Python
Gross Eater Heteropoda Cave of Gross Oil
Ruined Cerberus Tunnel 2
Loyal Shogun Skeleton Sewerage 3
Tengu Faux Slime Mt O Animal Trail
Kasbah Kasuba Water Plant 3 150 times 300 times
Duce Shogun Skeleton Sanctum-Regia Ossis
Boss Bat Rural Cave
Oust Serpentray Highway Cave
Tengu Squad Leader Mt O Near Top
Ferberus Ruins Escape Route
Kyubi Sakon Catacombe B2F
Tengu Woman Chief Warship ISL Depot
Rotten Leader Zombie Chaos of the Dead
Agitated Rock Biter Grotto
Mine Foreman Zombie Catwalk
Gloomy Mojaggy Pitch Black Cave
Nihilistic Gnome Thick Fog Cave
Joyful Meat Bolus Garden of Joy
Demon Centaur Ouma-
Poisonous Mushfrog South Cave - Layer 2
Specter Sakon Spellbinded Grave
Dirty Heteropoda Isolated Cave
Tormented Garula South Cave - Layer ?
Shell Cracked Turtle Weekend Dungeon 5 times 20 times
Constipated Bat Weekend Dungeon

Mid-Ninja Test[edit | edit source]

Please refer to Mid-Ninja Test page.

(Keep in mind while one of the requirements for unlocking Second Classes is to be Lv 50, you can still take the Mid-Ninja Test starting at Lv 45.)

Promotion Facility[edit | edit source]

Once you have completed all the requirements for second class, you will then be given the option to be promoted to a new advance class! Depending on what your base class was, you will have two choices each to choose from. When you choose what you want to be, you will be moved to a final confirmation page that outlines what new skills you will be able to unlock later. Keep in mind in this current update, once you choose a second class to promote to, you cannot change it.

Warrior Assassin Mage Cleric
Gladiator Shadow Wizard Priest
Guardian Gunslinger Sage Crusader

FAQs[edit | edit source]

▼ Benefits of Second Classes?

  • Increase in base status.
  • Acquire Second Class specific skills.
  • Increase active skills shortcut ring by 1.
  • Access to Super Powers and Forbidden Ninjutsu.

▼ How do I learn the new skills?

  • You can learn skills by going to Menu > Skill > Select [Skill] > Acquire [Skill] (Note: 3 Skill Points are needed when learning a Second Class skill)

▼ How to I level a Second Class skill?

  • The current Second Class skill limit is Lv1.