Sewerage 3

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Sewerage 3 Sewerage 3 MAP.jpg
Access from:
Kasuba Water Plant 3
Skeleton Shogun's Room
Location Type:
Suggested Level:
Chick Radar:
Ah yes here we go, skellies, doggies and Dj Ghosts, cool place for all classes lvl46+ to lvl as well, beware the map though might get confusing, also many kill quests here so bring em extra weaps , oh and for a tip shogun boss agi requirement =240agi of you don't have that , just play solo recomended for main quest, or ask a guildie to help out Don't forget to take those extra npc side quests for some extra exp and mula
Monsters: Untainted Undead Wolf
Unpopular Samurai Skeleton
Delinquent Spirit