Super Power

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Super Powers are unlocked once you achieve Second Class. As you gain EXP, your Super Power levels up along side your actual level as well. Super Powers in and of itself do not give buffs, but they unlock Forbidden Ninjutsu that do. Each Super Power starts off with a max attainable lv of 15, but you can purchase Unleash cap unlockers from each respective NPC to raise your Super Power level cap up to Lv 40. Keep in mind you can only equip two Super Powers at a time.









Gladiator Guardian Shadow Gunslinger Wizard Sage Priest Crusader
Fortitude Mastery Calm Mettle Education Robust Calm Astucity
Sight Ardor Astucity Education Focus Brilliance Sight Mettle
Brilliance Majesty Sight Mastery Sight Astucity Brilliance Mastery
Guts Fortitude Majesty Calm Mettle Mastery Focus Guts
Education Brilliance Brilliance Majesty Prudence Guts Ardor Prudence
Robust Guts Guts Guts Calm Calm Prudence Calm