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Passive Skill[edit source]

Oberyn can you replace the passive skill charts. There wasn't one and I don't think I can add templates, so I went to passive templates and just copied and pasted the codes. Well, it didn't turn out like other class' passive charts. It retained the long, complicated codes >.<

~~ Done! Oberyn (talk) .... Also...By "i don't think i can add templates" you mean the site won't let you add templates?

G-non : Ty Oberyn, and ya I cant add templates. There's no option for me to insert it other than copy and pasting the codes into the edit.
Oberyn (talk) Ah...i see the problem. There isn't really an option to put in templates. You create a template page with the title, Template:Example. Then, when editing another page, you simply call upon the template with the command, {{Example. Then you just edit the values in the template. For example, the template page for Passive mage skills can be found by searching "Template:Pskillm" And whenever i want to create a passive skill chart, i retrieve it with the command {{pskillm. Then i only need to edit the undefined values such as Name, icon, misc, description, etc. Hope i helped. Anyways...thanks for pointing that out! (Btw, instead of writing out your name, simply put in the following sign 3 times: "~")

G-non (talk) Ooh okay I get it, thanks I appreciate the tips. I was scanning a template article and it didn't really click with me. It said something about being template editor, and also saw an image with add template option beside the edit box.
Oberyn (talk) Ah okay. Different wiki farms have different rules i guess. This one should let anyone create a template and use them for editing. If the problem persists, let me know; I'll bump up your user-rights.