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the skill chart's cooldown is not properly showing the right input. It only shows the first input. And i tried editting Misc for Cleric chart into Range or Radius but it didn't work.

Skill chartfix[edit source]

@G-Non: Hey Sol, Thanks for bringing that up. It was an error on cool-down timer column; fixed it. As for the Misc section, you can't directly change the title of any column as it is embedded into the template. If you search for Template:Skill, you can see the Template that was used.

I intentionally named it 'Misc' because that way, we can include the radius for cleric skills AND other class things like the probability for Demonaic, Hercules, description for the stacking of Ogre mode, etc

Once we have all the information down, I plan to split the Skill template into 4 for the 4 different classes. Maybe thenz we can have fixed title for whatever the skill requires. We can even change the chart color from red to match the corresponding class color as seen in Main Page.

What'd you think? Oberyn (talk) 11:52, 28 June 2015 (BST)

Edit- Fixed it. You can now edit the title of the Misc section to whatever. Keep the values as misc1 = xxx in that format.
Edit, lol. I went ahead and created 4 different skill templates. Each is named according to the class( Template:Skillw for warrior, Skilla for assassin, Skillm for mage, and Skillc for cleric). The main purpose for this change was just the colors

Buffs/Debuffs/Hard CC[edit source]

Okay so I decided to set different font styles for each:

Buffs would be [Buff].

Debuff like Defense Break, Poison, Immolation, etc...[Debuff].

While Hard crowd-controls like Stun, Freeze, Fall, Shock, etc...Hard CC.

Page formats added[edit source]

Oberyn (talk):Links to pages have been added on Main Page..just so that new editors will know what pages need editing and can get to work on whatever topic they want. As you can see, 'ToFill' slots are still available to add more content.Let me know if any change is needed. Feel free to edit the main page yourself if you need anything quickly added; just follow the existing format and click "Show Preview" to ensure you are getting what you actually wanted before actually saving the page. It's actually kind of fun if you mess around with it.