What is Training? edit

Training is a special quest that you can repeat 5 times. You can choose to start training when you reach level 50. And you can choose to suspend training anytime.

What happens when you Train? edit

When you start to train, you get a separate set of level, status and skills all at level 1. The goal is to level up from level 1 to level 50. Xp gain during training is the same but you need a little bit more xp for each level up. Your original level, status and skills remains unchanged in training mode. And you can revert to your original set by suspending training mode.

How to begin training and how to suspend training? edit

To start, you need to be at least level 50 and you must wear level 1 gear, weapons and accessories. If you are resuming training, you need to wear gear, weapons and accessories that match your training level. Training mode is triggered by talking to the NPC named Sensei in Outer Wall District. He is marked on the map by a Star-shaped icon. Outer Wall District can be accessed through BWT - Commercial area. Talk to Sensei and tap Start/Resume Training. All you need to do to complete training is to level up to 50. If you wish to pause training, simply go back to Sensei and tap suspend training. Don't worry, you can resume your training at the level you left off at if you wish to continue it. Beginning training requires 50,000 gold. Resuming training requires 15,000 gold.

Why Train at all? edit

Each time you complete training you will get 5 additional points for each status. It will also unlock 1 level of your skill cap to all your skills permanently (eg. skill cap 5 -> 6). If you complete training 5 times, you get a total of 25 status points for each status and will unlock 5 skill cap levels (skill cap 5 -> 10). Essentially your character will be tougher and stronger. Not to mention the kickass aura you get post training. Training is optional; you can choose not to train if you wish.

Training Tips edit

Training is really hard virtually impossible to do solo. Killing level 30 -50 mobs will not give enough xp to complete training. Solo players will need the help of near max level players to kill higher level mobs in grave of oblivion , Spellbind Cave, and others. To get into these areas, be sure to get waterwalk skill first by completimg the main quest in yamato. Before the update, off party boosting was possible but today the booster and the trainee need to be in the same party and xp is divided more or less by 50% if there are 2 in the party, about 40% in a party of 3 or 4. To improve the speed of training, use xp tabs, several can be used as long as they are different ammounts. For example 300% + 200% +100% + 50% + 25% + 10%. Also it is important that someone can lure mobs quickly, the faster mobs are gathered, the faster they can be killed in 1 or 2 skills. Some players use 2 rooms, or 4 or more rooms in a party of 4.

Also, in the name of all that is holy please do not ask a cleric (priest/crusader) or mages (wiz/sage) to boost for you. I mean it's possible but highly unlikely or too difficult. Ask any other class but these.