Warrior Builds

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Disclaimer: All listed builds are basic, standard recommendations and are not set in stone. Stats are always free to be altered to cater a player's needs.

Balance[edit | edit source]

Great for those who like thrashing, but also like having a defensive balance.


Meat Tank[edit | edit source]

Meat tanks are purely built to soak in damage with their massive amount of HP while holding aggro to keep bosses' attacks off their other party members.

  • AGI > VIT
  • VIT > MND
  • AGI > MND

Thrasher[edit | edit source]

For those who like a good 'ol bash and smash, usually suiting those who enjoy a little hammer time such as a Gladiator, they can stand their ground longer with high HP while thrashing away at the enemy.

  • STR > AGI
  • AGI > STR

Fluid Laser[edit | edit source]

For wars looking into flexibility between tanking and solo'ing, this build is unique as it gives a lot of focus in the unique skill Fluid Laser, the only skill in their tool set powered by INT.

  • Max INT > AGI