Weekend Dungeon (article)

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Weekend Dungeon Map.png

Weekend Dungeon is a weekly event that is located in BWT - Military Area across from the Box Exchange NPCs by talking to Traveler. It costs 400gp to buy one ticket to enter, but upon completion of the the "side quest" you get back 280gp. However, you can only do that once in a given day. To enter the dungeon more than once in the same day, when you exit the dungeon you must abort the quest, which means you won't receive the completion reward.

Box List
Barrel.jpg Barrel
Common Box S.jpg Wood
Gold Box S.jpg Gold
Floral Box S.jpg Floral
Gold Box L.jpg Big Gold
Floral Box L.jpg Big Floral
Drop List
Smaller Barrels/Boxes Big Gold Big Floral
LIFE Potion (HIGH).png LIFE Potion (Fine) High Recipe Box.png Super Box (4) High Recipe Box.png Hazy Moon Box (4)
ENERGY Potion (Normal).jpg ENERGY Potion (Normal)
Ration Potion (Fine).jpg Ration Potion (Fine)
Treasure Box Key.jpg Treasure Box Key
Oval.jpg Oval
Bronze Coin Bag.jpg Bronze Coin Bag
Silver Bag.png Silver Coin Bag
Gold Bag.png Gold Coin Bag
Silver Bag.png Platinum Coin Bag
Silver Bag.png Hoarded Wealth
Stall Balloon (M).jpg Stall Balloon (M)
Appraisal Kit.jpg Appraisal Kit
Repair Kit.jpg Repair Kit
Return Scroll.jpeg Return Scroll
Transport Scroll.jpg Transport Scroll
Scandium.png Scandium
Isoflavone.jpg Isoflavone
Bottle Cap.jpg Bottle Cap
Empty Bottle.jpg Empty Bottle
High Recipe Box.png Bad Recipe Box
Recipe Box.png Recipe Box
High Recipe Box.png High Recipe Box
Fashionable Box.jpg Fashionable Box
Fashionable Box.jpg Fashionable Box II
High Recipe Box.png Super Rare Box II
Iso Bag.jpg Valuable Box
High Recipe Box.png Super Rare Box
High Recipe Box.png Hazy Moon Box
Lollipop.jpeg Lollipop